Sunday, November 7

Hallelujah Night

Maddy and I were invited to the Samoan church Hallelujah night (before Halloween) for fun and games and trunk or treat. All the kids were dressed up in costume while a few of us (namely Vai, Elizabeth, myself and one other parent) dressed up in costume. The youth leaders put on a great show with fun games, kids performances, lots of yummy food to eat and then ending the night with trunk and treat.

Baby Alex dressed up as a pirate

Maddy dressed up as a Metal Skull Rider (he outgrew his Ninja costume within two weeks LOL)

Goddess Athena, Goddess Elizabeth & Vampire Mistress

Getting ready to show off their costumes

Dancing while playing musical chairs

Having fun

Dance off


  1. You went to a church party dressed as a vampire? Classic! lol Thanks for the post :)

  2. Hello halloween is not all glory hallelujah lol thanks for stating the obvious lol


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