Wednesday, January 20

Maddy's New Glasses

We noticed over the past few months, Maddy has been squinting while watching TV and playing games on his computer. We took him to see an Optometrist and she found that he had difficulty seeing small things far away. After trying most of the children's glasses on, we settled with this one. Doesn't he look cute?!? hehe

Looking very smart (and grown up) with his new specs

Like father, like son :)


  1. Too cute! Very smart looking as well I must say.

  2. Very handsome looking with your new specs! You will probably put together your lego pieces all the quicker now!!!

  3. aunty lagi11:34 PM GMT-5

    oh wow, glasses? hope he can still play sport without them :( contact lenses are such a pain.... great choice of specs!


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