Monday, January 4

Happy 2010

Happy New Year folks.

Since the last update, the schools were closed early for winter break due to a snow storm. Maddy and his daddy had fun playing in the snow and I still had to work - crazy!!!

Had a lovely Christmas lunch at Vai & Fati's place, and met up with Ben & Audrey Pereira and their children, who recently moved from Samoa. The kids enjoyed playing Monopoly and running around in the snow.

Thanks for the pressies we received. We are very late in sending ours this year. I worked really crazy shifts during the Christmas period and still recovering from it. Should have them sent out this week. (Sachi if you can send me your new addy, would be much appreciated)

We received yummy goodies, books & card games from Nana, Papa, Aunty Lagi & Uncle Tolly, Grandma & Grandpa, Fatilua Family & Pereira Family and a few neighbors. My younger brother and his family also sent us all All-Black jerseys WOOHOO. Maddy received an AT-AT motorized lego set which he has yet to complete, a Star Wars PS2 game & a dinosaur board game from us. I was lucky to find them a few days before Christmas. Hopefully I'm better organised next year.

We welcomed the New Year with a video night and then celebrated Daddy's birthday with a yummy carrot cake that Maddy decorated. He then took his Daddy to the movies the next morning to see Avatar along with Fati & the girls. Birthday dinner was spent at the Palombo residence - a yummy roast with salad and vegetables and red wine to compliment lol.

Today the boys are back at work and school. I'm on the graveyard shift this week supervising audits and inventory - oh what fun lol.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Years celebration. Missing you all xox


  1. MaddysDaddy12:40 PM GMT-5

    Thanks for the update babe. Yeah AVATAR was the bombbbbb movie!

  2. That cake looks the yummiest! Maddy decorated but who made it? So glad you got a WHITE Christmas!

  3. Compliments of Silver Diner - they make the yummiest cakes :)

  4. aunty lagi1:45 AM GMT-5

    wow, busy busy busy... sounds like you need a holiday to recover from the holiday! :)
    i'm back in welly now for good ... tolly returning to chch to pack up and should be back by late jan. yay :) take care, keep warm and rest up xx

  5. Oh cool you're back in wellytown. What do you need in preparation for when bubba A arrives? let us know k xox

  6. Happy New Year to you guys too. Avatar rocks - say it on Friday night and want to go back to see it again. Hope you're enjoying your white winter. It's completely the opposite over here!!

  7. I'm cold all the time but these two are loving it. Bring back Summer anytime please hehe


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