Saturday, June 20

Update on Maddy

Sorry, been busy with other things and haven't had time to post any blogs on here lol.

Since the last post, Maddy has had a fun spring season playing soccer, and at the teams prize giving function, he received a trophy and the ROOKIE AWARD certificate for "seamlessly joining the team this season and becoming one of the Gold Guys!! his sportsmanship and effort are a great addition to our team." He's looking forward to playing again in the Fall.

We attended the Viva Vienna Memorial Day Festival last month and had a blast. There were lots of rides for Maddy to go on, stalls to play games and win prizes, as well as lots of american treats to eat and some light entertainment. Pictures and video to come soon.

I went along to Maddy's end of the year class party on Wednesday and boy did I have a lot of laughs. Because of the rain it was held indoors but the kids still had fun. There were games to play, karaoke, dancing and video time. Maddy especially enjoyed the dancing and will put together a video of all his whacky moves - too funny!

Maddy and I were invited to lunch with our neighbors to Old Country Buffet on Thursday to celebrate one of their daughters graduation from 6th grade. She'll be starting 7th grade at another middle school in our area. The other neighbor and her family are also leaving to go back home to Korea. These are the ladies I meet at the bus stop everyday.

For the Summer, we have enrolled Maddy in Swimming lessons at Providence Rec Centre (two weeks starting next Monday), Basketball camp (one day a week for 10 weeks at PineSpring Elementary School) and Tae Kwon Do (1/2 day for a week) at Mt Kim.

Today was suppose to be the first day of basketball camp BUT when we arrived, only one other family was there and the school was closed. I didn't know what happened and when I called to find out, the office was closed for the weekend. I was not a happy chappy and nor was Maddy. He was very dissapointed.
Anyway, if the weather holds up tommorow, we'll be off to the park for a bike ride and playtime.
That's all folks ... for now :)


  1. MaddysDaddy10:58 PM GMT-5

    Thanks for the update babe!

  2. You're welcome hon! hope you're ok over there in El Savador!

  3. Madison is so grown up looking! And has so many friends....I look forward to meeting them in September!!

  4. Aunty Sachi5:24 AM GMT-5

    Wow! What a great update. You guys have been BUSY! Sounds like Maddy has a full social/sport calendar for summer. Look forward to seeing all the pics of the different activities!


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