Tuesday, June 23

Bumped up to level 4

After 10 minutes in the pool during his first day of swimming lessons, Maddy was told by his instructor to move on over to the next class, Level 4. He actually completed Level 3 last summer but because he had not been in the pool since then, we thought it would be best for him to repeat the level again. Boy were we wrong !!! He was way ahead of the others in that class and I was impressed that he remembered most, if not all , of what he learnt last year.

His new instructor worked them hard and had them swim lengths of the pool with only a few breaks in between. When she approached me afterwards, she told me that Maddy has a good butterfly kick and is looking forward to working with him in this class :)

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  1. aunty lagi10:18 PM GMT-5

    OMG... i'm getting puffed just watching him!!! :)


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