Thursday, February 14

Valentines Party At School

Yes, they celebrate Valentines in Kindergarten!! It was actually kind of cute seeing all the kids get involved in creating or putting together their own valentine gifts. They ate yummy cupcakes and biscuits and fruits as well as juice. They had activites like bingo, creating valentine puzzles, arts and crafts using paper hearts and making little heart face puppets. They even had cute little paper heart plates and napkins too to go with the Valentines theme.

It was fun taking part and helping the kids with their activities. Madison spent most of his time at the arts and crafts table and made a fish and snake out of hearts - he is very creative and loves cutting, pasting, mixing and doing all sorts of arty type activities. Watch out Picasso!!

Maddy put together a little goodie bag which had a small pkt of chocolate hershey heart kisses, a diego/dora lollipop and a valentines pink pencil for the girls and a spiderman pencil for the boys.

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