Sunday, February 10

School Reports Are Out!

Maddy got his second school report last week and I must say he is doing quite well considering English is not his first language, and this is his first time in a real school setting. He did go to preschool in Samoa but that was more of a play time school than anything else.

There are still areas of improvement in the social-emotional development area as most of the behaviors were "demonstrated most of the time." Overall his scores are at level 3-4 (Progressing towards Mastery of Kindergarten Objectives in Oral Language and Mathematics and Mastery of Kindergarten Objectives in Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies). He is also "consistently demonstrating" behaviors in PE, Art and Music, his favorite three classes of all.

We are so happy with his progress report considering some of the behaviors he does demonstrate at home are far from what is mentioned in his report LOL. Well done Son!

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