Sunday, September 24

Till The Morning Angels Watch Over You...

Were the last words you said to me via Gmail chat. I still remember our 30 minute conversation, the giggles and laughter, the words of encouragement, the strength and courage that shone through from you was overwhelming and yet still I felt a sadness knowing there was nothing I could do but hope and pray and root for you all the way.

As I sit and type this, which has been very hard to do, I remember how we first met which was at our wedding in 2001, your radiant smile, your strong bubbly personality welcoming me to the family; the fun times we had in Samoa, cooking schnitzel at our humble home in Vaivase-Uta for the first time and you laughing at me because I didn't have a clue at what I was doing; watching tv using a projector, screened on our living room wall; socialising with your friends on that French boat, I'm sure you girls were eyeing up all the sailors or was it they were eyeing up you, all dressed up in your beautiful tatau grey and white halter neck puletasi; reading your article in the new Pacific magazine (forgot title) describing your experiences and the nitelife in Samoa (which I remember you telling me you hoped your Dad wouldn't read) ~ I should of bought a copy for keeps; our brunch at Kaufe Hauz on your last trip to Samoa was time well spent with you; seeing you again at Sachi and Mark's wedding and boogieing hard out on the dance floor at the afterparty; some of the memories I will treasure always.

I dedicate a song to you called "Time To Say Goodbye" by Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman as you are laid to rest. We will always remember you the "Divine Miss M", and how much you have touched our hearts. You will never be forgotten. Until we meet again, All Our Love Rachel, Matt and Maddy :)

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