Thursday, August 3


It's funny how family have been emailing me expressing concern about the heatwave we've been going through the past week or so. I didn't really notice we were going through a heatwave until I got a TV 2 days ago and saw it on the news for myself. I thought this was what summers in DC were normally like. I even compared the weather to Samoa, you know, hot and humid. People talk about the weather in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius so when they said it was 100 degrees outside I thought it was the same in Samoa, you know, hot is hot right? Hello? I just did a conversion of today's temperature (107F) and it equals 41C. Oka that's like 10 degrees hotter than Samoa! I crack myself up sometimes.

On a more pleasant note, the 1 week countdown starts today. Seven days 'til Rachel and Maddy arrive wooohooo! I had a bad dream last night that Maddy and Rachel arrived and I had forgotten to buy Maddy a birthday present and he asked me, "Daddy fea la'u pressie?" as soon as he walked in the door. I woke up in a cold sweat. Or maybe it was just hot due to the heatwave, but either way I better remember to go shopping for him before they get here or I'm a dead man! Seven days to go.... yay!

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