Wednesday, February 29

Field Trip to the NSO

Ready to roll

Unlike his dad, Maddy doesn't mind dressing up

Maddy has a class field trip to see the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in D.C. this afternoon.

He was pretty excited to go, which came as a surprise to me. A trip to watch the NSO perform doesn't seem like something I'd think a kid his age would look forward to but what do I know?

He wanted to get dressed for the occasion so Mom bought him a blazer and off to school he went. Just before I dropped him off he told me he was a little nervous. When I asked him why, he said he hoped the other kids didn't tease him for the way he was dressed. I told him not to worry about it because girls like a well dressed man, to which he replied, "Dad, EWWWW".


  1. Wow! What a skux! His pose reminds me of that pic of you in the tux! Good on ya Maddy, gotta love a boy who takes pride in his appearance! Hope he enjoyed himself!

    1. He said he had a ball and enjoyed the music. They took a tour of the entire JFK building, a building I drive past every day but have never been to!

    2. So....did the girls appreciate his suave look? Or was that a taboo topic? Won't be long before you'll have to fight them off him!

    3. He gives me the death stare every time I broach the topic LOL


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