Wednesday, September 28

My Son, the Cellist in Training

When asked to choose a musical instrument to learn at school, Maddy passed up on percussion and wind to choose a stringed instrument, the cello.

I would have never chosen the cello, of all instruments, for Maddy but therein lies the beauty of his selection. He chose it and after playing around with it this afternoon, he loves it and since he loves it, we do too.

Thanks to Batgran, he has a Yo-Yo Ma CD to listen to now. For starters, Maddy told us that his music teacher is planning to teach them how to play the theme song from Jaws. How cool is that?

Maddy's looking forward to Friday, when he has music class. His cello case has backpack styled straps so he'll  lug it on the bus and if I know my son, he'll love the extra attention.

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