Monday, July 25

Happy 9th Birthday Maddy!

We threw a birthday party for Maddy and his friends yesterday at our local bowling center. Most of his friends that weren't away on summer vacation came to have a few games, eat pizza & cupcakes and sing one of the worst renditions of 'Happy Birthday' that I'd ever heard. We managed to sing it in 3 different octaves and with 2 different tempos.

The party was organized chaos. Rach did a great job of controlling things despite the other adult at the party (I plead the 5th Amendment for fear of incriminating myself) going off script.

We capped off the day with a Sakura Japanese restaurant dinner where we all ate too much.

Why a bowling birthday party? So he can showcase his form, of course!

These are the boys Rach and I had to chase after during the party

Horsing around with Lars

Showing his friends how to enter their names in the computer


  1. Okay his bowling form makes me embarassed to ever try bowling again. Looks like a fab party - well done mother of the handsome and skilled 9 yr old! Happy birthday.

  2. Finally - a new blog! Happy birthday to grandchild#1! Wish I was at Sakura to catch tidbits in my mouth (or close to my mouth!). Hope you enjoyed your day - your present should arrive soon?

  3. Maddy had a fun day at bowling and catching food with his mouth. I had fun too, even if the shrimp landed on my forehead instead.


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