Monday, February 22

The Return of Normalcy

I don't want to jinx ourselves by declaring that the worst of winter is behind us but it seems like the worst of winter is behind us.

It was pretty dramatic watching the drama of 2 consecutive snowstorms unfold on the TV from the comfort of my couch - car accidents on the roadways, power outages from downed power lines, grocery stores running out of food and people grumbling about how much the snow was inconveniencing them.

I don't know what all the fuss was about, at least we didn't have to go to work for a week and if we didn't run out of munchies midweek it would've been a perfect week.

Now that the roads are clear of snow and the temperatures are steadily rising, life is returning to normal. Yes, we can actually buy bread, milk and water at the local Safeway again. Maddy is back at school, Rach and I are back at work, Maddy's got his basketball and Rach and I have our bowling games to look forward to.

Speaking of games, Maddy had a breakout game this weekend. My little superstar scored his first basket ever and ended up with a stuffed stat line of 4 pts on 2-5 shooting, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. I don't know what happened, he just decided to go for his own shot after he got the offensive rebound instead of passing it out like he normally does. I normally advocate good teamwork and passing the ball but just this once I was glad to see him go for his own shot.

I asked him after the game if he played well because he had an awesome dad who taught him the basics but he said no, it was just him.
We had a fun night at Fati & Vai's place over the weekend where we had a nice dinner followed by a little friendly poker game. Maddy spent the night there to go to church the next morning but slept in and missed church altogether. If only it was that easy to skip church when I was his age!


  1. MaddysDaddy12:22 PM GMT-5

    ... and true to form, it's supposed to snow another 5-6 inches tonight EHH!


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