Friday, January 4

Back To School

It's back to school for Maddy this week and he was very excited to see his friends again. He has grown so much over the Christmas period and is already outgrowing his clothes we bought him two months ago. His seasonal allergies have been playing up again and has had a cough for a few weeks now. Apparently the winter season brings his cough on more so the doctor says.

I have finished my temporary seasonal job and now back at home twiddling my thumbs, thinking of what to do next. I put in an application for a more permanent part time day position as well so we shall wait and see. If not, its back to household chores and sorts and taking care of Matt and Maddy.

Thanks to Daddy, I am going to Hawaii for four days to Ramona's wedding next week. It's going to be very informal, simple but sweet wedding with about 30 guests. I am looking forward to seeing her again after 5 years.

Happy New Year to all our family in New Zealand and Kangarooland, hope you're enjoying your holidays - Love Us xxox

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