Tuesday, June 5

Another Fun Weekend With Friends

At short notice, we managed to convince Vai and Fati to visit us for the long weekend. We had such a blast that we didn't want them to go home and managed to convince them to stay an extra night.
Friday night, we went to a baseball game (thanks for Matt and Cindy who sold us the tickets). It was our first baseball game and the atmosphere was so amazing and everyone was right into the games. We all bought Washington Red caps too (except Vai who wanted white LOL). We then went home to play a card game called "garbage". I am happy to say that I won the most "presidents" hehe!
Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast at IHOP - yummy pancakes, sausage and egg breakfast's and for the bigger eaters, steak and potatoes. I'm surprised we even made it to Kings Dominion considering we were all so full. Maddy was the smart one and only ate a little bit LOL
When we got to Kings Dominion the first ride we went on was the helicopters, just Maddy, Vai and Me - the boys were not too keen on this ride after losing $$ shooting basketballs only to have won 2 for Maddy (it wasn't enough in their eyes!). It was a fun ride and Maddy wanted to go again, but the lines were so long so we moved on.
The boys won most of the toys shown below as well as Vai - she was a great hitter when it came to bashing monsters and sorts. As for me, well lets say I contributed a few $$ for each stall.

The second to last ride we went on was the Flute Log Ride, and it was awesome. As you can see from our picture below, the smiles on our faces and the fun we were having. "That was the best ride ever" said Maddy!

Sunday was spent at the golfing range where were all had a lot of fun, and Maddy did extremely well for someone who is a lefty. In fact he hit better with a right hand club than a left one (ambidextrous we think!). We all felt it the next day as our arm and body muscles were sore.

Sadly we had to say goodbye as Vai and Fati drove off to their home in New York City.

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