Friday, May 11

New Haven Was So Much Fun!

What a fun time we had visiting with Aunty Lou and Uncle Steve :). We took the Amtrak train to New Haven, which was over 5 hours long. To my amazement, we had no trouble finding our way to Union Station in Washington DC. I made sure Maddy had a lot of things to do to keep him occupied throughout the trip. He had books to read, puzzles to do and color in, cards to play with and children's music and rhymes to listen to on our shuffle ipod.

We did everything we could that a 4 1/2 year old would enjoy doing. We visited The Peabody Museum which had an awesome Dinosaur Collection on display and where Maddy spent most of his pocket money on the souvenirs in the shop (his favorite thing of all).

We visited the Children's Museum which allows kids to interact and learn about music, mathematics, linguistics, space, city connections i.e firehouse, post office, a small town, a green grocer etc, reflections in mirrors, a video and puppet stage place where kids can dress up and put on a show (maddy was a pirate), natural surroundings through magnifying glass, and a few more other activities. We were there for three whole hours and of course had to stop off at the souvenir shop to buy a few books and stickers. Each room had a special theme, with colorful and bright murals on the walls created by local artists - it was absolutely amazing and fun at the same time!!

We were fortunate enough to visit the Mystic Aquarium where we saw for the first time, several Baluga Whales - they were beautiful :) Other animals we saw were seals, turtles, frogs, toads, fish, stingrays, sharks, and pretty much everything else you can find in the sea.
We played at the local park, went to the Lookout where we could see all of New Haven, played at the beach and ate at a fish diner called Libby's. The fried fish was absolutely wonderful and reminded me of the fish n'chips we use to eat in NZ. We ate the local pizza which was also great, went for walks in the evenings to buy ice cream and also spent a day in New York with Uncle Steve's family. As soon as we arrived, it didn't take long for Maddy to make two new friends. He was off playing the whole time and I only saw him when he was hungry (takes after mommy I think!).

Overall, we had a fabulous time there and want to thank Aunty and Uncle for having us, and we look forward to returning one day soon.

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