Wednesday, March 7

Dose of Reality

You know how the saying goes, "No news is good news" and in our case it definitely rings true. The past few weeks have been largely uneventful, with the crazy weather being the most noteworthy thing. We've had a week of snow followed by an ice storm which covered everything with ice for over a week, followed by a week of warm weather that everyone talking about an early spring and now it's snowing again.

I think Madison has had enough of the cold weather and all it brings because he used to run excitedly to the window to look at the snow when I told him it was snowing; now it barely warrants a raised eyebrow.

Yesterday afternoon at work we all had to evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounded. Most of us thought it was another fire drill until the fire department, police and homeland security arrived and started cordoning off the entire block. Apparently our operator received a bomb threat by phone. Let me tell you one thing; the emergency response time in Washington, D.C. to a bomb threat is super quick. By the time I made my way outside from the 3rd floor there were already 2 fire trucks and 2 homeland security cars in front of the building. It was a stark reminder of the nature of the world we live in right now. But hey, at least I got to go home early!

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