Thursday, January 4

2007 Already?

I can't believe it's January the 4th already, time just zooms by when you're on annual leave. While it's nice to be back at work (well not really), spending almost 2 weeks at home with the family was great. Madison and I have re-bonded and he and I had a blast doing everything together, including baking chocolate chip cookies. He's real good at licking the bowl, stirring the flour all over the floor and eating all the chocolate chips before they go into the mix.

Christmas turned out nice even though we couldn't afford to buy Madison any presents. Lucky for us God provided in the form of grandparents, aunties and a couple of my work colleagues who surprised us with 6 or 7 presents (and a miniature xmas tree to boot) for Maddy to go under the tree. Maddy even left a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa on Christmas eve.

Now that 2007 is officially here it's only right that we kick off 2007 with some new year resolutions so here goes.

1. Quit smoking.

2. Pay off debts.

3. Lose weight.

4. Establish some savings.

5. Gain Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) accreditation.

It'll be a very good year if I could get all of that done in 2007. What are your NY resolutions for 2007?

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