Tuesday, January 24

5 More Sleeps

Have you ever tried to convey the concept of time to a 3 year old? Well our 3 year old sees the world in terms of ananafi (yesterday), nei (now), leisi taimi (the other time) and taeao (tomorrow). So trying to tell him that we'll be going to NZ in 5 days time has been quite the challenge. He keeps thinking we're going tomorrow and since tomorrow keeps coming and going, I'm starting to think he must believe his parents are just pulling his leg about the whole thing.

Nonetheless, his eyes light up when we mention the plane ride and meeting up with his grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins (especially Jonathan, Grace, Jared & Jessykah).

On another note, our swimming pool has died. I won't mention any names (haha) but someone was leaning on the edge too hard and the bottom of the pool ripped away from the side. I thought it was funny how the kids brought the pool out yesterday and sat inside it and pretended to swim around in it. I love the imagination kids have!

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