Tuesday, September 20

Who's The Boss?

Sometimes I wonder who the head of this family really is. Madison thinks it's him, Rachel thinks it's her and I (foolishly perhaps) think it's me. As you probably guessed, Maddy wins out most of the time.

Yesterday he suprised us both by saying he wanted to go back to school, so we took him to school. The teachers looked pleasantly suprised to see him and we were both happy that Maddy wanted to go to school as well. He didn't even want his mommy to walk him to the door.

So today, he tells us he doesn't want to go to school because it's "uma". No matter how much we tried to convince him that school would be fun, he refused to get ready and instead declared that he wanted to go to work with me instead. He wasn't too happy when he didn't get his way!

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