Wednesday, August 31

Difficult Decisions

Rachel and I decided to let our housegirl go yesterday. Without going into too much detail, we decided that it would be better for all concerned, especially Madison, that we went our separate ways after a rollercoaster 6 months together.

There are times when I wonder why people take advantage of other people's generosity. You give them things they never had, freedom to do whatever they want, reward them for good work and still, they find a way to make you regret being so nice to them.

Maybe the majority of Samoans aren't used to this concept and are more familiar with the "tough love" approach of strict supervision and well defined boundaries. I know that's a gross generalization but in my experience with people I've worked with and people who have worked for me, I find this to be true.

It's in my nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, to believe that people are intrinsically good, so I guess this makes me gullible in a way. Maybe I should be more cynical or skeptical in my future dealings with people.

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